7 Best Headphones for Hip Hop

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Well look around, everything around us has its own music isn’t it?

Best Headphones for Hip Hop

Starting from that ticking clock in your room when you wake up to the late-night crickets our everyday life is wrapped with music.

Don’t worry I am not telling you to go outside or get off your headphones and listen to the sound of nature with the heading of the best headphones out there.

Headphones have become a body part to us nowadays. Nowadays headphones have the power to take to a live concert laying on your bed.

So it is important for us to choose a headphone that best fits our taste of music and yes there are different kinds of headphones for different genres of music, which will enhance the essence of the music.

Now there are a lot of genres out there but let’s talk about the some best headphones that are best suited for hip hop.

Now you may already know that hip hop music consists of some sick beats. All the essence lies in those beats. So you must need headphones that can balance both the base & tribble properly.

Nowadays it is really a hectic job to find the best headphones that will fit your budget and your requirements. It is always easy to buy headphones offline as you can check them manually, giving a proper perspective of everything.

But when you are willing to buy them online, then sit back and relax, let us help you choose the best hip hop headphones for you.

Things to Look for While Buying in Hip Hop Headphones 

1. Usage

The variety of headphones also depends upon its purpose of use such as outdoor, indoor, and traveling.

For example, when you are traveling it will be best for you to get a pair of noise-canceling headphones that swoop you away from your chaotic surroundings and indulge you in your music.

But if you need it for your daily life then you should look for something else as noise-canceling headphones can easily put you under wheels. 

2. Sound

Need to say that your headphones should have the same taste of music as yours. It should be a perfectly balanced base and tribble.

Go through all the different kinds of tracks to make sure that the vocals, the instruments, and the beat is crystal clear.

The frequency range should be more than 20 Hz to be able to provide a distinct sound quality.

3. Durability

In this case also the purpose plays a role in choosing your ideal headphone. Like if you are looking for headphones for outdoor purposes then your headphones should be extremely durable weather coated and sturdy, only then it will be capable enough to use outdoors.

And if you are looking for indoor purposes then I would say any kind of headphone will be appropriate just check the hinges and the joints.

4. Design

The bigger the better, i.e. you can get the most out of a song from the bigger headphones.

In rap music or hip hop music are best with bigger headphones as they can surround your ears entirely and can provide an environment for the beats to fall.

5. Comfort

Well, I don’t think this is something you ever depended on me to know. Whatever you choose whether it’s over-ear or on-ear headphones it should be comfortable.

Because long hours of plugging in your headphones can be very painful to your ears, so go for ergonomic ones available in the market.

6. Portability 

We never desire for a headphone that can take one-fourth of the space of our backpack. Some headphones come with a foldable feature that can easily make it space at a corner of your bag.

Such headphones should always be preferred over the bulky ones. Because to be honest there are other important things to pack.  

Best Headphones for Hip Hop

1. Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator

When it comes to headphones then Skullcandy is surely one of the best out there. The ROC NATION comes with a tortoiseshell pattern with a transparent body and plastic ear shells.

For your comfort, the headband is made of synthetic leather with soft touches inside and the ear pads are made of foam wrapped in a leather cover.

And from the customer reviews, it has was confirmed that after a long two years duration the headphones remain intact and super durable.

It can also be folded and is really lightweight which makes it easier for you if you prefer over-ear headphones.

When it comes to sound, then, the company has specifically focused on the bass other than anything. It provides a warm sound quality with pretty good sound accuracy.

As the device is focused on the bass hence it has a good grip at the lows but it loses its clarity when it comes to the highs.

It comes with huge ear cups and metal construction which lists it in the traveling group. But it provides a very little noise cancellation.

Pros of Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator

  1. Durable material 
  2. Stylish & Fashionable
  3. Integrated Apple and iPod mic

Cons of Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator

  1. Little noise cancellation 

2. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Headphones

The V-Moda headphones are the headphones that are solely made for the bass purpose. The headphones possess the capability to embrace the true spirit of hip hop.

It is a lightweight headphone with an extra premium look. The ear cups are hexagonal in shape. The headband is made of a thin but broad metal strip and thin vegan leather cover.

The headphone has an amazing quality of noise isolation and survives a fall of 6 feet for several times. It has an amazing quality of balancing all the audio components perfectly.

Pros of V-Moda Crossfade M-100

  1. Lightweight Metal Body
  2. Clean and Bold bass
  3. Detachable Cables 
  4. Foldables 

Cons of V-Moda Crossfade M-100

  1. None

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770

Here is another amazing piece of technology that has the capability to indulge in your music. The headphone comes with a banging base and some comfortable design which will sit on top of your head comfortably.

Though it won’t be fair to call it the best piece of tech out there but it obviously one of the best. The headphone comes with a closed-back design which is quite common nowadays.

It surely has the features of noise cancellation but it won’t cut off from the outer world you will still be aware of the surroundings but the music won’t go out from the headphone space.

So it will be a perfect fit for your daily use. The headphones are quite big but you will be able to take them outside if you are willing to take the box with you because they are unfoldable.

The headphones are not made for rough use as after some time the paint may wear out revealing the plastic under it. The company claims that every part of the device is replaceable.

The highs and mids of the headphones are quite subtle so you will get a clear experience of the music. Due to its powerful bass, you won’t be able to miss any beat. 

Pros of Beyerdynamic DT 770

  1. Closed-back design 
  2. Powerful sound 
  3. Comfortable Design

Cons of Beyerdynamic DT 770

  1. A bit heavy

4. SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent

 SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent

The SMS Audio Street is the best headphone for outdoor purposes. It can help you elevate your love for the gym. Additionally to that, you get a lot of features that can be handy for you for the long run.

The device comes with a weather coating which makes it a perfect companion for your jogging and exercise. The headband comes with a rubber coating which makes it scratch-proof and it can be folded to make it fit in any small space.

The ear cups come in an oval-shaped with foam covering. The mids and the highs are better than normal, all the sounds could be heard quite clearly. The vocal is pretty clarified but in some cases, it lacks sometimes at the high which won’t be a deal-breaker for you. 

SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent

  1. Weather Coated 
  2. Powerful Bass
  3. Passive Reduce Noise Ambient 

SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent

  1. Highly sculpted frequency
  2. Ear cups may not fill up your ears 


Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass Over The Head 50mm Driver Headphone

The SONY MDRXB800 are solely made for EDM purpose. So can pretty much guess for the quality of the bass in it. SONY has been there for a long time when it comes to a good quality product at affordable prices.

The headphone concentrates on bass with proper enthusiasm. It has a broad headband that sits on your head and distributes its weights on both the earcups equally over a large area.

The earcups are fully covered foam structure which sits on your ear other than over the ear. The quality of the bass is clear, punchy and smooth. It infuses a new life when it comes to the EDM genre.

Being on your ear it surprisingly provides a comfortable experience even after putting it on for a long period of time. 

Pros of SONY MDRXB800

  1. Extra bass
  2. On-ear earcups with an extra seal
  3. Well balanced sound 
  4. Sleek look

Cons of SONY MDRXB800

  1. A little bit bulky even after folding 

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

The Audio Technica ATH-M50 is perfect for all kinds of music. But when it comes to the bass it has a different punch to it. It is not made for a specific genre of music and it doesn’t have that tendency of overpowering the music.

It comes with a beautiful and sleek design and the ear cups are highly adjustable which provides a 180-degree turn.

The headphone may feel a little heavy but that won’t be a problem after using it a few times. It is super durable and be with you for a long period of time.

The earpads are soft and can easily be folded for managing space. It comes with a closed-back design that keeps the music within the limit of your headphone.

The bass is punchy and can maintain a proper balance in all kinds of frequency even the mid-range. But it is highly recommended for indoor purposes only.

Pros of Audio-Technica ATH-M50

  1. Higher-end headphones
  2. Good bass
  3. Sturdy bass
  4. Comfortable

Cons of Audio-Technica ATH-M50

  1. For indoor purposes only 

7. Ultrasone HFI-580

Ultrasone HFI-580

The Ultrasone HFI provides a wholesome experience of both clear audio and crisp bass. It comes with an ultralight design and sleek look with soft foam earpads that cover your whole ear. It also provides a 180-degree hearing experience.

The company has purposely chosen the old school design for the device which can easily be used for outdoor purposes. It is foldable and can easily fit in your backpack.

The 50mm Mylar creates sound pressure which adds audio clarity and good dynamics to the song.

The closed-back design helps in noise cancellation. It also comes with a 3 mm stereo plug which is compatible with most of the devices.

The headband has a foam covering which is super comfortable after hours of use even though it is comparatively heavier than most of the devices.

Pros of Ultrasone HFI-580

  1. Suitable for all kind of music
  2. Good bass
  3. Durable 

Cons of Ultrasone HFI-580

  1. Little big and heavy

Final Words

Hope this review helps you in deciding which headphone is perfect for you. This is a detailed review of headphones, taking into consideration all the areas a headphone has.

This article is most suitable for those who want to buy headphones for hip hop, but this is to some extent is also applicable to other headphones as well. 

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