Monolith M1060 Planar Headphones Review

When was the last time you got completely lost in a song? When did you last time you indulged yourself with the voice of your favorite artist? Trust me, in these chaotic surroundings, it is not easy to find a pure clam to enjoy good music.

Monolith M1060 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones
Monolith M1060 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

But the good thing is that even though you can’t shut your surroundings, you can always provide an artificial calm surrounding to your ears.

Monolith m1060 is an open-back planar magnetic headphone which is specially designed for audio engineering and audiophiles.

All these years, it has been lots of audiophiles’ favorite. The headphone supplies a magnetic field that provides a surrounding sound quality throughout its entire diaphragm.

Though you may see that it comes with a slightly higher price, I can assure you that it will be a value for money product. 

Monolith M1060 Planar Headphones Review

Let us talk about the specifications of this beast,

Monolith M1060: Design

The headphone is heavier compared to others at this price. It weighs about 1.1 lbs, and that is because of its premium built quality.

The headphones come with big earpads, which are then surrounded by detachable wooden pads. The main thing that you should know is that the headphones can be used as both open and close back headphones.

The wooden cups that are provided are attached with magnets, which can easily be detached to use it as an open-back headphone, which will give you a holographic listening experience and make you feel like being at a live concert.

The beast comes with a 106 mm magnetic planer drive. Now, what makes planner drivers different from the regular driver is that a planer driver is a flat membrane that is surrounded by magnets.

When current passes through, it produces a sound of less distortion and better bass.

Monolith M1060: Connectivity and Power  

The headphone is provided with a 3.5 mm plug, which can be easily connected with your phone and amps. Other than that, on the base of each earcup, a single channel 2.5 jack is provided to give you the option of replacing the jack whenever it’s needed.

The most surprising thing is that you also don’t need amps to listen to music on your phone. Though a phone will be an inappropriate way of listening to music with these open-backed headphones, it will be a real injustice to the potential of the device.

But if you want to hear some high-quality music that is of 16-24 bits, then you might need a DAC/amp setup to get the most out of the headphone. 

Monolith M1060: Comfort

The monolith m1060 comes with leather ear paddings, which provides a surrounding listening experience to the ears as well as adds a comforting hearing experience.

The headband also comes with leather padding. The headband can easily be adjustable according to your comfort.

The clamping pressure will almost be nothing. Despite its weight due to the leather padding, you will be able to feel almost nothing and can go on for hours with it hanging on your head.

Monolith M1060: Sound Quality

Well, if you have researched other planar headphones, then you should have noticed that at this price, there isn’t much of a choice out there.

But the planar headphones are known for their wideness and airy sound quality, and because of its magnetic technology and open back design, you certainly expect that from these headphones too.

The device was specially made for the accuracy of sound, it isn’t based on a single component, so if you are looking for extra-base or tribble, then it won’t be able to match your expectation.

The base is decent, and the frequency is well balanced, and with that, you also get an option to change the settings according to your choice of output. Both the mids and highs will be well balanced, the mids will be crystal clear, but it can be quite brittle and grainy at times. The high ranges will be really beautiful and precise. 

Monolith M1060: Conclusion

At this price range, I would say it is the best magnetic headphone put there. But, if you compare it with other planar magnetic headphones, then they will be out of its league.

If you are willing to start your own studio with a packed budget or you have just stepped into sound engineering, then I would say you can definitely go for it.

With a 50-ohm impedance, the headphone will start showing its magic, even on your phone.

If you ever find a higher range device (like the HE-400I) at this price, then you should definitely go for it, but if not, then at this price range, it can create a pretty good impact on your hearing experience. 

FAQ on Monolith M1060 Planar Headphones Review

Q1. Does the new m1060 come with that pretty cable in the pictures?

You can buy the NewFantasia 4-pin XLR balanced cable to 2.5mm plugs as advertised for the HiFiman HE-400i. It will provide an outstanding signal transfer to your M1060. But make sure you purchase the 2.5mm version. Also applicable only if your HPA has a front panel 4-pin XLR output connector.

Q2. Is this 1st GEN or 2nd GEN?

This is a 2nd gen model with a 3.5mm jack.

Q3. How close do these compare to the LCD-x’s?

I don’t think they are as good, they sure do perform very well. They come close, but for the money, they are better than most headphones costing twice as much.

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